Messy Church

messy church

What is Messy Church all about?
Messy Church…
is a form of church for CHILDREN and ADULTS that involves creativity, celebration and hospitality – sharing food and drink together

It’s primarily for people who might not already belong to another form of church

It meets at a time (and sometimes in a place) that suits people

It’s all-age

It’s fun

It models and promotes good ways of growing as a family: a nuclear family, an extended family, and a local and global church family

It also gives children and adults an opportunity to discover who God is in their own time and in their own way
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We’d love to see you – bring your friend
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Langwathby Village Hall
Second Saturday Monthly

BUT cannot happen without YOU and your family

We’d love to see you

For more information or enquiries contact Peter Bowes 01768 881222